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Post by Nanook » Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:34 am

I'm less than two months away from 60 and experiencing a number of degenerative diseases, diabetes type II, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, cataracts, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and ED. Making headway though, had an HbA1C of 13.8 two years ago, I've gotten it down to 7.9 without insulin. Nerves were damaged to where it felt like someone poured gasoline on me and tossed a match, have healed to the point of only some tingling in my feet.

I achieved the degree of healing of my nervous system as I have by following something on Facebook I stumbled across called "The Protocol Works", the protocol did indeed work but had many expensive components. I researched each using studies on and eliminated all that did not show benefits in studies. I stumbled across several other agents in the process and added them.

One of the things I found in common with every protocol that worked is that they all aimed at restoring mitochondrial health. Mitochondria are the tiny organelles inside your cells that metabolize sugars, fats, and proteins into ATP, the energy chemical that drives all of our energy processes. And it happens that every one of the degenerative diseases I have are directly related to mitochondria except for cataracts that seem to be secondary to that and affected greatly by blood glucose.

I started researching things that can help mitochondrial health that were not already on my stack and discovered mitoQ. It has improved my energy, decreased my
appetite and need for sleep, and greatly reduced cataract symptoms. Before taking it I had trouble driving at night and had to avoid the inside lane because of the glare of oncoming headlamps. Any light had a halo, the moon was only a yellow-white blob in the sky, I could not even tell the phase. I could only see a few of the brightest stars and they were whitish blobs not point light sources. After taking mitoQ for about three months lights no longer have halos, I can use the inside lane at night without problems, the moon is now sharp and well defined, no longer a blob, and stars are once again a point source of light and there are a lot of them.

Unfortunately, the two things that would probably help the most I'm not doing a good job of yet, and those are shorting myself of calories but not nutrition and strenuous exercise, not doing either at present. Cholesterol and blood pressure presently controlled by medicines but home can get both of those down in time and get away from the need.

How mitoQ is helping the eye lens is a mystery since mature lens cells do not have mitochondria. I speculate that it must be helping some support cells.

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