Shells on many flavors of Linux with full remote desktop access.

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Post by Nanook » Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:45 am

All of our Linux shell servers support remote desktop access using X2Go.

X2Go is far more than VNC or X11. First off it support sound, remote printing, and remote USB devices, none of which are supported via VNC. It encrypts the session over ssh so it's far more secure than VNC. It eliminates X11 round trip delays and compresses very effectively and also with less loss of quality, so it is both far faster and far higher quality than VNC.

For help see: https://www.eskimo.com/support/remote-desktop/x2go/

A Daily Floss video on X2Go:


What he says about it only running one session is wrong. If you select "Display 1" instead of Full Screen, and you use a local system with virtual desktops, then you can use control-alt-arrow to switch between desktops and by extension multiple invocations of X2Go. I do this to administer multiple servers from my home machine.

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